Agar Essential Oil

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argan oilAgar oil is an essential oil that has been used since ancient times. It has been associated with several cultures as well as religions. It is even said to have been found in the ancient scriptures of some Chinese and Japanese dynasties. At one time, it was even called “the Wood of God” in Asia because of its important use as an essential oil in their cultural and religious rituals.

Agar oil came from the resinous heartwood Agarwood. Agarwood mainly comes from the trees with the genus Aquilaria. These huge evergreen trees are usually found in the Southeast Asia and have fifteen different species. These Aquilaria trees being infected with molds, which usually create the largely sought after Agarwood. As a natural response of the Aquilaria tree to this infection, they produce a resin, which grows darker as the fungus grows on the tree. The infected part with dark resin is then called Agarwood. Agarwood is highly valued anywhere in the world because of its one of a kind odor, which cannot be found from any natural flower scents. In addition to that, Agarwood can be extracted to become another valuable product, which is the Agar essential oil.

Agar oil comes in several names like aloe oil, agarwood oil, aloes wood oil, Eaglewood oil, aquilaria oil, gaharu oil, and oud oil depending on the location where it was made.

Benefits of Using Agar Oil

Agar essential oil has many benefits that can help improve the mind and the body as well as being used in many rituals and products. Here are some of the benefits that can be gained in using agar oil.

Ability to Relieve Several Symptoms of Various Ailments

Agar oil can be used to relieve different symptoms of ailments like those relating to the digestive tract. It can also be helpful in relieving anxiety symptoms since agar essential oil has relaxing properties.

Reduce Attack Frequencies in Seizure

Agar oil is also reported to have the capability to reduce or lower the attack frequencies of epileptic attack and seizures.

Effective Diuretic

Agar oil is also advised for people who are having urinary troubles and issues. This oil has diuretic properties that can aid in relieving urinary problems.

Food And Beverage Flavoring

Agar essential oil is also used to flavor foods in some places. It is also used as wine additives.

Massage And Hair Care Solution

It can also be utilized as an effective solution in hair care problems as well as a massage essential oil because of its soothing and calming effects.

Things To Consider When Using Agar Essential Oil

It is always advised to consider consulting health care professionals or your doctor before using agar essential oil in treating or relieving ailments. This is to make sure that it will not have any side effects or counter effects with the medications you are taking or the condition that you have. Your physician may also be able to provide you with appropriate dosages recommended for relieving the symptoms of your ailment or for treating your condition.

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